Monday, 20 March 2017

A Little Dirt, A Few Flies

Hello again,

And welcome back fellow growing Christians (old and new),

So we do not waste too much time, I'll like us to get down to business... 

Have you ever left a piece of trash out somewhere for a little while?  Let's say a piece of mango you just finished eating or a piece of moldy leftover lunch. What happens when you do that, go away for 5 minutes and come back? Yes, I do expect you to answer that question, only that I can't hear your answer, so I'll go ahead and write mine. Well, you get a bunch of flies buzzing around your trash. 

A couple of days ago, as I rushed to get ready for work, I took out the bin bag and placed it outside, on the veranda. The plan was to pick if up from the veranda and take it to the bigger bin outside the compound. As rushing to work will have it, I totally forgot to do that. 

Fast forward to about two days after. I am in the kitchen cooking, and I keep hearing the buzzing of flies by the window.  What in heavens name is attracting those?  I ask myself. I keep cooking for a while, and when the buzz becomes too annoying, I step outside to check. Lo and behold, here is my small bag of forgotten trash. Oh boy. 

Funny thing is, at that point, I couldn't even remember when I kept the trash there.  Like, how did I even forget something like this? Quickly, I pick up the rubbish and rush to empty it. Pick up some soap, water, and a broom and scrub the veranda of any trace of dirt left. Viola, the flies disappear (me dancing 💃💃💃 at the thought).

Well, here goes one mega lesson. Let's relate this little scenario to our lives. 

How often have we picked some trash in our life, abandoned it at a corner, with the intention of sorting out later? 

Let's say, some bad characteristics in a boyfriend/girlfriend. Whereby we tell ourselves, I'll sort this out before we get married. Or a bad habit?  Pornography?  Lying?  Gossiping? Stealing people's leftover change?

What things are in our lives, that we as Christians, have left hidden in a corner, with the intention of clearing up later?

Those are just questions right, let's go to the lesson. 

As I pondered over this, the Holy Spirit made me see and understand, how we as Christians, by neglecting seemingly small things for a later period, give way to the devil and his cohort.

Truth is, the rubbish I left out was very small. It was just a little trash. Yes, but the fact that is was dirt, no matter how little, gave entrance to flies. Flies in this instance of our lives refer to demons/agents of darkness. 

By keeping a little dirt/behavior God doesn't approve of at some corner of our lives, we let the enemy have access to us in one way or the other. 

You know the bad thing? We don't realize when he comes in, we don't realize when he starts breeding on us. My bag of trash was outside for two whole days. I didn't hear a thing the first day,  nor the second. That didn't mean the flies had not spotted it, it means I hadn't paid attention to it, till I was actively in the kitchen. Same with us, so many times, we ignore certain things, till they breed the fruit of the devil.

God, by the Holy Spirit, gives us a sign of something bad brewing in our lives. He does this, by making us see the things we are hiding. This can be by He alerting us to the increase in bad companionship we are getting. The sins we keep committing in our relationships. The lack of peace in our conscience. Those signs are the buzzing of the flies. Yet, we ignore, assuming they are not directly in my kitchen, they can live.

Shaking my head.  Nah, that is a very terrible approach. Your life, the temple of God, in and out,  belong to God.

Don't you realize that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit, who lives in you and was given to you by God? You do not belong to yourself, 1 Cor 6:19 NLT

Why didn't I ignore the flies, considering they were outside and not directly in my kitchen? The presence of flies/ demons/ agents of darkness at any part of our lives is unpleasant. And thus makes the place equally unpleasant to the Lord.

What aspect of your life,  have you ignored and not paid attention to? Truth is, the devil has identified it, accept it or not.  If you've been ignoring it for a while, it's time to stand up and sort it out. The longer you ignore that which attracts the devil, the longer you entertain the presence of demons in your territory.  In turn the further your push God out. 

But your iniquities have separated between you and your God, and your sins have hid his face from you, that he will not hear. Isaiah 29:2 KJV

So dear friends, we are on an active mission this time. It's time to pick up some soap and a broom and sweep out everything that is entertaining the presence of the devil in your life. You know yourself,  more than anyone. So, search your life. You can take a moment now and truly search your life. We are asking the Holy Spirit to help you, through the blood of Jesus to cleanse any filth in your life.

If we confess our sins, He is faithful and righteous to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness. 1 John 1:9

Next, as I did by washing away the leftover. You need to actively make an effort to do away with anything that doesn't please God.  If it means cutting out certain things, or people from your life, please do. If it means getting an accountability partner to check up on you, please do. You need to take responsibility and act. 

Flies are not meant to occupy homes. They were created for places filled with rubbish. Same way demons/agents of darkness are not created to occupy humans. They were created for hell.

If you need help praying, here is a little prayer to help.

Prayer: Holy Spirit I confess the things I have neglected (you can mention). I acknowledge I am wrong for letting things that don't please God to slide by me. Father, I plead your mercies to wipe me clean. Wipe my heart, wipe my thought and let my life be pleasing and a sweet smelling savor unto you. Help me to let go of every behavior/dirt I have allowed to linger, and give me the strength to overcome. Thank you, Father.

If this blessed you,  please bless someone with this. I am not asking you to share because I want people checking my blog. I am asking you to share, to save someone from the attacks of hell.

Stay blessed.


  1. Was, am, and will still be immensely blessed by this. Thank you Tonitola. More grace. Keep it flowing. You're blessing lives. This is deep, and can make a sincere heart reconcile, connect dots and get things right with God.

  2. This just mold with the message I heard at church yesterday. It is called moulting when we are to shed off (like snakes and birds shed their skins and feathers in order to hiss better, glide faster and fly better), so that we can be better wine skins for the move of God in our lives. We can't afford to put new wine in old wineskins.