Thursday, 6 December 2018

Shaky legs, Awesome God

As I drove to work this morning, I saw and picked up a neighbor I saw by the road. Not far from the pick up point, while patiently waiting for the traffic light to go green I felt a sudden impact from behind. Yes, one nice man had hit my car from behind.

As expected, shocked and with already shaky legs I step out to see whatever impact had been made. Thankfully, there was none.

I step back into the car and the light is green. As I started to drive I realise my legs were shaking. I was still in shock, simply because I wasn't expecting to be hit.

Wednesday, 28 November 2018

Sweet sin

Over the last couple of weeks. I have had a series of appointments with my dentist. After one of such visits, I was instructed to go off all sweet things...🙄

In honesty and truth, I have tried as much as possible to do so for a little over two weeks. But I broke my commitment sometime last week. Reason? I was craving something sweet. As I purchased my secret candy and ate, I thought of my dentist. I hoped he won't be accidentally driving in traffic at the same time I was. I also hid my little piece of candy and hoped my husband won't see it and say "ah sweetie pie but you aren't supposed to be eating candy". If he did find out(he is finding out reading this), I'll probably have had a good point of defense.

In my head, it was a cheat day. Or so I thought.

Thursday, 22 February 2018

Dear Lover

Hello, it's me again.

A happy New Year to you.

I know its been ages I posted, forgive me. I wrote this a while back, and reading it makes me see how much it can help someone.

Read and enjoy.


When I think of you, I often am at a loss of words to say,
Not because I am so engulfed in love, and weep for leaving you...
No, I am a loss of words each time I think of the real reasons I "loved" you,
Clung to you, and found it difficult to let you go.

Monday, 5 June 2017

Understanding The Voice Of The Father

Hi, welcome once again, and welcome to the month of June. We have crossed the first half of the year,  and it's pretty exciting. And it's my birthday month as well, yay !!! I am looking forward to making the most of the second half of 2017.  Today's lesson is pretty straight forward, as inspired by the ever sweet Holy Spirit. Enjoy your read.
As I walked to my office this morning, I made a quick stop at a cake shop. My intention was to make an inquiry. As I stepped into the store, I looked around and found a lady/shop attendant arranging items. The following conversation occurred:

Me: Good morning, please I will like to make an inquiry?

Woman: No, we don't have.

Me: (deducing she didn't know what inquiry meant) I mean I will like to ask a question 

Woman: ok

Me: What types of cakes do you have? 

Woman: blank look 

Me: I mean, what flavors of cake do you have?

woman: Like birthday cake?....

Me: (sighs in disbelief)

Woman:(deducing her answer was not right)  My sister will come in afternoon, come at 2 

As I walked away, I simply shook my head in wonder. The conversation I intended to have was one which was seemingly simple, however, the lady in question had no understanding of the basic English required. The conversation kept me thinking as I walked away. I attempted to shrug off the conversation, as a scene like this is no different from that which occurs in many shops across Accra. However, the Holy Spirit made me linger just a little more.

He asked:

Tuesday, 23 May 2017

The Heart of Our Father

Hi, welcome once again. I hope you enjoyed the last post and actively reminded yourself God’s love for you is real. If you haven’t read that post you can check it here. Today’s lesson is based on a conversation I was engaged in over the last weekend, and the lesson God ministered to me based on it. Be blessed as you read and I pray God opens the eyes of our understanding to the mysteries of His word.

Over the weekend, my husband and I visited a friend. This was our first visit, so we got introduced to the family for the first time. During the course of our visit, we were able to converse with our friend’s parents at length. From the conversation, we gained a wealth of knowledge, we heard some history, some lessons and some key points to take back and think on. As we rounded up our conversation in readiness to leave, our host’s father passed a comment, which has been ringing in my Spirit all day. While it seemed like a passive comment, I realized that those words in themselves had a lot of power.

He stated (paraphrasing), “My daughter is not as assertive has I want her to be. She is not taking advantage of my love for her. I want the best for her and she knows that at her request I will move heaven and earth to make things happen. I am still waiting for her to make a single request. I hope it will not be too late when she decides to come to me for something.”. It seemed like a passing phrase, so we all laughed off the statement, stating: “in time she will grow out of it”. However, as I moved around doing my chores today, the Holy Spirit brought those words back to my heart and it lighted up my spirit.

The scenario painted is perfect for the lesson.