Thursday, 8 January 2015

A Fresh Perspective

I remember this statement too vividly, and it has followed me everywhere I go after I heard and understood it. It was one of those words preached in a sermon, that stuck certain chords. Chords which implied: I needed more insights, I had some questions and uncertainties and most importantly I needed God to personally make me understand. I may not explicitly remember the title of the sermon at church that day, but I do clearly recall the theme we were speaking about. Our focus was on building our relationship with God, and like is the intended preaching style of each person, our preacher used her life and relationship with God as the example for the sermon. As she went on explaining what a relationship with God entailed, she spoke a lot on a statement God told her once. She said God told her: "I don't care about your comfort, I care about my purpose. " She went on with her explanation, on how the ultimate purpose we had was to fulfil God's purpose. You know that point in a sermon, when the preacher is preaching and you are screaming and agreeing? Yep, that's exactly how I felt at that point. I was screaming the "yes Lord", "its all about your purpose" and every other statement or jargons you can think of in that direction.

But certain things I tell you, don't sink in until later.

I got into my room, and  reread the statement and questions started popping out from all corners. "You don't care about my comfort ke?" "Haba God na, why?" "What do you mean?" "Is this a joke?" I went back and forth, wondering what that was all about. Yes, God created us, yes we should do His will, but how will I do His will and not be comfortable? I felt it was going to be a cheat. At least let's have a give and take. If I choose to do your will over mine, give your child something (me negotiating again). That was the battle in my mind for a while, and I had to tell God to teach me to fully surrender. Surrender to the point that even when His purpose wasn't comfortable, I'll still smile and go with it. You think that was tough, it was tougher learning, especially learning to let go of my pride, but that's a story for another day.

As weeks went by, I learnt various lessons and got more understanding on walking in God's purpose. Taking insight from the story of Jesus, and how He surrendered His life on the cross. That was God's purpose for Him, and boy it was uncomfortable. That was one crazily tough example that God used to explain to me, but in learning to imitate Christ, He is the best example. The more I learnt, the more I understood. I was seeing things from a new perspective and learning to give way to God's purpose. It was a tough but educative adventure, but as God is, He has a lot of surprises. He gave me an additional line to insert into the initial statement, which transformed me.  What he told me,  "I don't care about your comfort, I care about my purpose, for your comfort is embedded in my purpose."

Now this new statement was like breeze to me, it made more sense. But then in the actuality and reality of things, it doesn't seem that way. How was there comfort in Jesus dying on the cross? How is there comfort in being persecuted? My human mind might have said, I guess we'll never know. But I thank God for the Holy Spirit. He made me understand, that it had to do with seeing things from a Godly perspective. He made me understand that though we didn't see Jesus being comfortable while at the cross, He had great comfort in knowing that He was the remission of sin for millions, including you and I. Same goes for most other situations, while we may not see the comfort in His purpose physically all the time, there is always a beautiful, heavenly and spiritual comfort we get.

It is a new year, and that time we have a list of resolutions, I don't think I have any of those. But one thing I'll like to run with for the year, is to walk in my God given purpose all through, not just this year, but till the end of my life. I'll wish we all do the same, but as I went through the process of learning, I'll like you to let God convince you personally.

Happy new year, and have a prosperous new year.

Lead me Lord, to follow you diligently like a little child 


  1. Great message. Expecting more testimonies.

  2. Blessed be God and Blessed are ypu for sharing

  3. Great message to run with this year. "My comfort is in His purpose"


  4. How many people go home broken(as usual) after a touching sermon, and still find time to ponder over the same sermon for the Holy spirit to do further one on one ministration that should give birth to God's intended purpose of that sermon? Only a 'christian'. Thanks for this great new year gift. God bless you

    1. I am glad you were blessed by it. God bless you too