Sunday, 18 January 2015

The Make Up Artist

Let me start with this question, what do you think of the picture?? 

Scary? Horrific? Enlightening? 

A few days ago, I put this tremendously funny picture as my display picture. Within the few minutes  I did this, I had people sending me messages and asking me questions.
The makeup on the face of this model, was very badly done. When  I say badly, I mean extremely bad.

As I sat and minded my business, I got another alert on my phone, and a friend started asking these questions... What was she thinking?? Did she look at the mirror??  And she allowed a picture of hers to be taken? Why did she allow her face to be used as a canvas for painting? 

As I  started to speak, the first thing that came out of my mouth was, "it was her free will". She definitely saw a mirror, and heard people's comments. But seemed entirely comfortable with it, and didn't mind. 

The Holy Spirit immediately ministered into my spirit, as I started to speak. He explained to me, the same way the model put her face down to be decorated, and seemed ignorant of how horrific she looked, is the same way we Christian act sometimes. She, like us, have people/the Holy Spirit  giving us warning as to the things we are doing, yet choose to ignore. In what way you may ask. We give the devil the opportunity to step into our lives and do to us has he pleases. Often, we get advice from various people in our lives, get signs, warnings (which we ignore) because we believe our way, which is not God's way is the best.

When I personally took time to think, and wonder why she allowed that to be done to her, I felt she might have had some valid reasons. She didn't have enough money for a good make up artist, she thought her make up design was the best and suited her "perfectly"(for lack of knowledge my people perish). She thought her friend or whoever did the make up was actually doing her a favour more than a disfavour. 

While those answers suit her case adequately, for we Christians, it goes in another direction. We tend to think or say things like," I am too young to commit myself to God and become one of those people they call pastor", "I want to have my way over God's" ( I did this a lot), "It is my mind talking and not God", even your  mind can be right. 

We often rally around various excuses to the things we do, and end up letting the devil make a fool of us. Christ came for our redemption, He paid the price for us, so why sit back and let the devil shame us. I personally won't want to go out looking like that, and thus I'm willing to let God lead all the way. 

For the lady, she wasn't thinking of what the world thought, she was only thinking of what she wanted. Sometimes it is the same for us, other times it's the other way round.  But truth of the matter is, the things we do, reflect on us, inside out. When we let the devil (the make up artist) mess with us, it is at our own detriment. 

We sit down as these models did, and allow the devil to decorate our lives as he pleases, and make ourselves look like fools to the world. In which case, we grow/tend/begin to believe the lie of the devil and accept it as our reality and  accept we look good in the state we are in.  

I believe its time for us to let  a change come in, for us to let go of our pride, our own opinions, and simply let God lead us and guide us. This will prevent us from not only looking bad to the world, but also save us for eternity. In truth, without the counsel and wisdom of God, any foolish thing will appeal to us. Wicked desires and harmful intents that will hurt others and ourselves seem like the best or prefect things that should happen to us and we pride ourselves in those when we ignore God's wisdom. So dear friend, please check yourself, and let God lead you.

I hope you were blessed by this, feel free to share with someone you think needs this or simply everyone you know :). Also, I am glad to read your comments and stories too, so don't hesitate to share. Stay blessed and have a lovely week ahead.


  1. Wow Toni, really glad I read this post. Was an opener. Thanks for sharing...

  2. Awesome piece my friend. Your mind is indeed a fertile soil. Pray it continues to grow good seeds and manifest spectacular fruits.

  3. Great piece.The picture perfectly fit what you are talking about.

  4. This is an awesome piece and thank God it ministered to me. It very funny how we allow the devil to use little things on us to create a huge mess in our live. God bless you for blessing us...Antoinette Doku

  5. Most time; it is the little foxes, the things very carelessly play with, instructions we ignore that the devil uses against us.....Beautiful piece.

  6. Great thought Toni! Thank you for boldly bringing to light what we face everyday as Christians. God bless!

    Jesudetan Onasanya