Tuesday, 23 May 2017

The Heart of Our Father

Hi, welcome once again. I hope you enjoyed the last post and actively reminded yourself God’s love for you is real. If you haven’t read that post you can check it here. Today’s lesson is based on a conversation I was engaged in over the last weekend, and the lesson God ministered to me based on it. Be blessed as you read and I pray God opens the eyes of our understanding to the mysteries of His word.

Over the weekend, my husband and I visited a friend. This was our first visit, so we got introduced to the family for the first time. During the course of our visit, we were able to converse with our friend’s parents at length. From the conversation, we gained a wealth of knowledge, we heard some history, some lessons and some key points to take back and think on. As we rounded up our conversation in readiness to leave, our host’s father passed a comment, which has been ringing in my Spirit all day. While it seemed like a passive comment, I realized that those words in themselves had a lot of power.

He stated (paraphrasing), “My daughter is not as assertive has I want her to be. She is not taking advantage of my love for her. I want the best for her and she knows that at her request I will move heaven and earth to make things happen. I am still waiting for her to make a single request. I hope it will not be too late when she decides to come to me for something.”. It seemed like a passing phrase, so we all laughed off the statement, stating: “in time she will grow out of it”. However, as I moved around doing my chores today, the Holy Spirit brought those words back to my heart and it lighted up my spirit.

The scenario painted is perfect for the lesson.

A father and his child, in this instance the Father being God, and we being His children.

God is like the father in this scenario, who wants more of us, but we, for reasons best know to ourselves hold back from receiving fully. The sad part, visitors to our Fathers house, come and receive more freely than we do. God, like any normal father, wants us to reach out to Him at our every point of need. He wants us to joke with Him, cry with Him, and fellowship with Him.

The questions, that came to my spirit were: How often is God sitting and waiting for us to take advantage of His grace? How often do we lag behind, whining and crying, when our Father is ever willing to give us what we need and want? How often do we miss opportunities that God is showing us, simply because we are complacent? How often do we hide in our shells, because we are not willing to step out and speak to God candidly about a matter?

As I recollected the words of my friend’s Father, I saw my heavenly Father through his eyes. And how He feels grieved when we do not reach out to Him. He wants us, dearly. The bible says:

Or do you suppose it is to no purpose that the Scripture says, “He yearns jealously over the spirit that he has made to dwell in us”? James 4: 5

God yearns for our attention; He yearns for fellowship with us. He yearns to know us; He yearns to give us of His abundance.

God is like any normal earthly father, who wants to have a relationship with His children, and most importantly for His children to benefit from all He has worked for. So imagine how He feels when we do not do that, but stay far from Him.

My message today is plain and precise. God wants you to fellowship with him and take advantage of his position as God. Who, having a father, as a President will not make use of the diplomatic privileges he gets.

The Same way no one with God as his or her father should live on earth without making use of the ambassadorial post we have by virtue of our relationship.

So dear reader, God is jealously waiting for you. All you need to do is to run into his arms and fellowship.

Remain blessed.


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