Friday, 28 June 2013

zzzzzz goes the fly

“zzzzz zzzzzz zzzzzz” the buzzing of the silly housefly just kept humming in my ears. “Ahhhhh” I screamed and tried endlessly and in an unfruitful manner to kill it.
In and out it went, from front, to left, to right, to center playing not even the game of hide and seek with me, but who is the fastest. 
Boy was I mad. The fact that I was jumping around just to kill one silly fly was not nearly as annoying as the sound the fly was making. I tried again with several failed attempts, swinging my cloth around and just trying to kill it wherever I heard it sound. If I wasn’t human, I would I have said the fly was smart because it always found a way to escape.

My hands were hurting from swinging continuously to no avail and I was almost dizzy just turning around in a seamless circle. *sighing* I paused to take a breath and actually just let the fly fool around for a while before it settled, which I presumed it was gonna do. As I waited  patiently, as my already uneasy body could, I observed the fly rotate in a circle for a little while, and finally rest  its tiny little body that seemed harmless and quite on the window still.
 *slam slam slam* yep that was the sound of me killing it, I almost did a victory dance just knowing I didn't have to hear that annoying sound hovering over me while I went back to my position resting.  I guess this was the point I appreciated the silence of the room.

So I am sure someone is wondering what my long story as got to do with anything, after all we all have such experiences, well let’s just say I learnt a lesson from it.
Let’s say the annoying sound of the fly is in our everyday lives, is the devil. 

The running around in rotating circles to distract us from knowing its exact location, is he (the devil) playing around in our lives and making us annoyed. 

The aches in our hand due to endless attempts trying to kill the fly, is he(the devil) getting us tired and frustrated when whatever he does seems to be taking a toll on us without our effort yielding any impact.

The pause, this i see as when we get tried and actually come to the realization that just following in the footsteps of his last attempt yields nothing and simply gets us more upset.

In the event whereby we pause, we get to realize the tricks of the devil and ultimately gain the wisdom ( noticing how it moves in a particular circle)  and understanding that not worrying will eventually let our adversary, which was in this case the fly stop and relax.

It is in the process of it (the devil or the fly) relaxing because he thinks he is finally settled and gotten us used to him being there that we charge to kill and displace him.

Learning to trust God in all situations and letting go of our worries, allows us to see, that although things seem very difficult and often times like they are not going in our favor, we sitting back, pausing and praying as said in Philippians 4:6 “Be ye anxious for nothing, but in everything through prayer, supplication and thanksgiving make your request known unto God”, we get to see that God is really in charge and would take care of the devil once we just trust in him.

My little fly encounter was annoying and frustrating as of the time it occurred, but reflecting and learning from it made it worth it. Life as it is will always come with its challenges because the devil is in charge of the world, but acknowledging the fact that God makes us supernatural and will take care of all our troubles is what keeps hope alive. Trust him; He has always got your back.


  1. ...nice revelation on how the devil does distract us. we miss his true location or involvement in a situation and fight the wrong things and people because we often look at the wrong places...

  2. thanks for sharing your experience and thought with us.