Thursday, 24 October 2013


Those very strange moments I wish I could understand…

Moments when my mind just seems to wonder,
Moments where all I want to be is alone…
Moments where I am mad at what I do not know,
Moments I want to run and simply hide from me,
Moments I think I understand, but I am simply lost in the buzz of the activities,
Moments where I just want to cry and know what’s up with me
Moments I vent at God and start the silly “why” questions.
Then, I wonder why I am asking why
Moments I cling to hold unto something dear.
Moments I wish, think, ponder and try to understand,
Moments only God can fill me,

Hmmmm, unexplainable moments.

I even often wonder if I only feel those moments,
Moments I feel no one can really understand me,
And thus I feel no need to explain what I do not understand.
Moments I’ll seek refuge in the only Being I feel and know understands all things.
Though I vent, and shout and scream,
I know He still understands
Moments where I am…
Lost in me, and found only in God.

Those moments, only God...

The moments have gone by, and then I wonder why I even bothered, God had me covered then and He still does...


  1. Sometimes we find ourselves in certain moment, and all we can feel is emptiness.We feel God has left us,but the truth is that it is even those moment God is with us the closest.

  2. Toni, this is one of those many moments you av wowed me...tanx