Tuesday, 10 September 2013


I was scared,
I was really really scared.
"Why?" you may ask.
A reason quite simple,
But yet difficult.
They said I was called.
Nothing too exceptional,
But just to be a disciple,
And preach the word.
Me? Preach?
No no no no,
Most have been some kind of joke.
People like me don’t preach,
Pastors do,
That is what I knew,
That is what I thought. 

My heart was beating so fast,
Just a little word they said,
It might encourage a friend.
Just a little tract they showed,
It has saved lives.
Just show some love,
It is what the Bible preaches.

I shivered so much;
People would look at me strange,
Behave to me strange,
Push me away.
"Ahhhh", that is all I wanted to scream.

They said as a Christian
I had to stand out,
And proclaim The Word.
I had to be bold,
And step up my identity.
But heavens knew I could not,
I shyed away,
I lived my life,
I hid my identity,
In a bid to be normal
And feel among.

Days flew by,
Months passed as well,
A few good years rolled away,
Yet I stayed hidden,
I was still a Christian,
Or so I thought.
I hid The Word,
I hid my faith,
I hid my claimed identity,
Just to be normal.

Then I got tired,
Tired of being normal,
Tired of blending in.
Now, all I wanted was to burst out,
Burst out and show my identity,
Proclaim who I was,
Scream it out loud,
Give an encouragement,
Share the word,
Yes, I now acknowledged it,
I wanted to surface,
And show the world The Word.
The Word, which was and is to shine in darkness.

Am I still scared?
A little bit,
But I’ll overcome it,
And give it a shot.
I’’ll take the leap of faith,
And allow my maker guard and guide me.

So I say a little prayer, and off I go
To attempt my first proclamation.
Today I share my faith,
Today I share my identity.
Today I scream, “I am a Christian,
And I am proud of it”.

1 comment:

  1. I know what it is. I was like this before. Even when I was called to be a preacher, I tried hiding my identity but you know, it's no use.
    The spirit of God in us will not allow us to stay silent. We can't hide the light. We've got to shine it for gthe world to see.