Sunday, 23 March 2014

A Lesson

When I need hope the most,
When I need something to lift me up, and give me a smile,
Those are the moments the world throws me the worst of challenges.

I begin to whimper, and shiver,
A few tears begin to drop.
Then I stop
You may wonder,
How do I stop when the tears start?

Yes, I stop,
I stop and listen to the Holy Spirit,
I stop and hear his comforting words in my ears,
I stop and pay attention,
And listen to him show me a lesson at the point of my trial

Yes, at points like this,
 I feel like venting,
And screaming
And giving God a piece of my mind.

But this time...
I stopped right where I started,
And paid attention to listen.

It was beautiful...
Seeing the sun gradually shine in the rain,
Not because the trial had passed,
Not because I had suddenly gotten a miracle(far from it)
But because at that point I was seeing things from God's perspective

I saw the beauty in my trial,
I saw the beauty in his plans,
I saw the beauty in endurance,
And I saw what he meant when he said "I would never leave thee, nor forsake thee".

So this time,
While I went through my trial,
I didn't do it on my own,
I didn't react to my flesh.
I let the spirit lead and I learnt in the process

It wasn't an easy thing,
It was difficult and required a lot of patience,
But in listening rather than complaining,
I saved myself the headache of being worried, and upset

So though the trials are not fun,
Though they seem too heavy to bear...
It is great fun knowing God is there,
It gives a relieve to hand over the situations to Him,
And its the best knowing He has always being there through all the other trials.

So now, when I go through a trial, I stand firm in confidence,
No, not in my own Confidence,
I stand firm in God's confidence,
Because I know He is always there, and willing to teach, if I'll only listen and learn.


  1. Insightful ...... It truly is beautiful when you look at things from God's perspective

  2. Perhaps I should start calling you "Prophetess." It's true that the fellowship of the Holy Spirit defines our outlook of life.
    Great job!

  3. Indeed God will never leave us nor forsake us for we are established in his Presence. God bless Toni.

  4. i just love your writing my dear.keep it up