Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Dear someone

A letter to one who should be called a friend.

When I see you these days,
When I look at your lifestyle:
When I see the way you do, live and reason.... I simply smile. 
I know you think less of me in many ways, 
I know you look down on me and who I am, 
I know you don't fancy me a bit, and simply put up a face to keep up with me. 
I know you probably wish I drop down and die soon, and get my face out of your life.
I also know you gossip about me to no end.
I know you speak openly(behind my back) and disgustingly about who I am: 
My errors, my "foolish" nature, and my "pompous" behavior. 
I know that which disgusts you the most, is that I claim to be a Christian, 
Yet I so easily get on your nerves.

Yes, I know all these, 
I also know I can sit all day and do what you do, 
I know I can also be human and get disgusted and annoyed at the things you do, like you do me.
But if I think about it, I realize its not worth it. 
I have thought a lot, I have observed alot, 
I have questioned alot: who I am, what I do, or what I have done wrong.
I have condemned myself, I have felt foolish and embarrassed of who I am, 
Simply because I watched you: what you did and did not like about me.
I have cried, and asked God to teach me and help me correct things with you, as I felt I had done wrong. 

Yes I cried to God. 
Funny thing is, He did hear my cry, 
Not in the way I asked, but in the way He felt was best. 

Psalm 34:17
So now, when I see you, and I see your reaction or behavior to me, I am glad.
Strange huh?
Yes, I am glad.
I am glad you despise me,
I am glad you don't approve of me, 
I am glad you notice all my errors and find a way to make it show you don't approve. 
I am glad that you judge me, for in doing that, you teach me. 
Once upon a time, 
I would have been mad, and upset... because you judge me, 
But no, not anymore.
You doing that has taught me great lessons,
Lessons I would have been oblivious of, if God didn't let you show me, 
I have learnt patience from you,
I have learnt to correct little things, 
I have learnt to be quiet, 
I have learnt to listen more, and speak less, 
I have learnt endurance, 
I have learnt the little things that make up a growing Christian,
I could keep listing, but I guess you get it.

I know you would not be the last "friend" to dislike and disapprove of me, 
But in having you doing it now, and so openly, you have prepared me for many more to come.
So while I could take this point as a trying time, 
I choose to take it as a blessing and enjoy the lessons. 

So dear someone, 
Thank you for being there, 
Thank you for being who you are now, 
And thank you for the lessons and preparation. 
Ohh yes, and  I do love you for this. 
   A growing Christian. 

This is just one of the experiences I have to share, but I am pretty sure we all or some people, at one point or the other have/had people who are/were like this in our/their lives. You stand to make a choice: groan and whine about it, or learn a lesson and grow from it. The choice is yours.