Friday, 27 March 2015

What Happened To My Love For Chocolate?

I remember when I was a little kid growing up, I had a very strong liking for chocolate, and sugary things generally. I always looked up to the days when my parents travelled so I could get a chocolate treat upon their return. 

My love for chocolate was so strong, I vowed in my heart when I grew up and had my own money, I will invest in as much chocolate as I could, and not simply wait for the days it was given to me as a treat.

Fast forward to over ten years after, I am now a young adult with some money and the freedom to get as much chocolate as I desired. Only problem is: my love for chocolate has diminished. Like that realisation isn't enough, I am surrounded by an overflow of chocolate and even on days I buy it, I stare at it for hours not wanting any part of it. This to me is a shocking and unexpected reality. If I ever considered things changing when I grew up, I definitely did not consider myself not loving chocolate. I dreamt of sleeping in a tube of chocolate for crying out loud (teary face), but I guess all things work together for good.

My unexpected lack of enthusiasm for chocolate has thus in itself taught me a great lesson.

If anyone honestly told me my taste buds will mature and that I will lose my desire for something I loved greatly, I would not have believed it. 10 years later, I am a believer. I stand openly and say: we do get tired of the things we think we once loved, we definitely end up counting certain things as irrelevant and unnecessary. Sad isn't it. This is a strange feeling for me, because there are certain things I knew I'll grow out of, but chocolate wasn't one.

This seriously got me thinking in another dimension and in turn made me appreciate and be grateful to God more. I, like most of us, was a pretty stubborn lady that didn't understand why we had to choose God's supreme will. Going in His permissive will worked out pretty fine for me, because like my chocolate love, I always felt I knew what I wanted, what was best for me and wanted to pull through with that.

Getting my chocolate experience has however taught me or rather made me to understand why God's says "Only I can tell you the future before it even happens..." Is 46:10 NLT

So many times in our lives, God gives us a "No" to certain things we ask him, or redirects us when we are doing certain things, and if you are like me sometime ago, you'll ask and argue even though in your head you say His ways are best.

Comprehending who God is and why He makes the decisions He makes, I agree is not the easiest thing to do. Especially when it is critical things, like "Father I "think" I am in love with this guy, and ohh Lord honestly he is simply perfect for me, is he the one for me Lord?"(or the reverse for the guys). If God says "No he is not the one for you", it is not because He does not like you, or He does not want you to have a boyfriend, or does not want you to indulge your fantasies or any of that. The reason for His response is primarily for you; because He is God, and He does know the end from the beginning. He does know that 2 years down the line the things you think are top priority will wear off and you'll gradually lose interest in them. He knows that the things that will give you the most happiness are not in what you currently think they are, and thus is simply preparing you for your own greater good.

I personally have learnt this lesson in more than one way, but losing interest in chocolate simply summed it up for me.

So note to you, if you are at a stage where God is giving you a NO or wait, please be patient and learn to see from His perspective. He is God and He does know the beginning from the end. Stay blessed, and I hope this ministered to someone.


  1. Excellent! God has truly transformed us.

  2. Awesome piece Toni. It can be really hard sometimes but God always always has the right answer.