Monday, 28 September 2015

Ants On My Path...

I am pretty sure every Christian is familiar with the verse :

1Co 10:12
Therefore let anyone who thinks that he stands take heed lest he fall.(ESV)

But when you truly think about it, to what extent or regard do you understand the plain words in this verse. A couple of days ago I experienced something which taught me a lesson.

For anyone who has grown up in any country, and has passed through some kind of bush at some point or the other, I believe you should know solider ants. Those small black ants, that have sharp fangs that sting if you are bitten by them. They often walk in armies (after all they are soldiers), i.e over a 100 at a time.

From whatever experience of them you've had, you'll know that stepping on their path isn't necessarily bad news for them, but more for you. Simply because as many of them as possible will cling to you and attack you.

Anyway, as I was walking out on this particular day, I was constantly and consciously checking the ground for ants. This was because I knew it was their season, and you could unconciously fall into their trap. Low and behold I did find a batch, and with pride in my heart that I had found them before they did me, I gallantly walked over them with an "I am a conqueror" look.

Bad idea, I saw the first batch, but my overconfidence in thinking I found their path made me loose sight of the next few steps and I didn't realise there was another batch of soldier ants right ahead. So into them I walked and only merely escaped their fangs when my friend screamed "watch out ".

Now lesson time, if you observe my behaviour, you'll realise I was on the look out initially. On finding the first barrier, I lost my balance due to overconfidence and stopped checking. This singular act almost brought about my downfall, simply because I let down my guard. Luckily enough for me, I had a friend watching.

The Holy Spirit minstered into my spirit and said that's how we Christians so often do. We are on guard one minute, praying diligently, feeding on the word trying to overcome a particular challenge. However, the moment we overcome one challenge,  we feel that's all there is to it. We reduce our deligence to prayers, read the bible less, and in the time we are dozing off, the  enemy does a good job and attacks again. As expected, we lose our ground, shake abit, and if we are not senstive to the spirit enough ,we totally fall into the trap of the devil.

The truth of the matter is, as soliders in Christ it is our duty to always be on guard. Life for anyone is a battle field, with attacks , challenges and various situations always coming our way. Without us constantly training our spirit, when situations come our way, we simply cry, lament and complain.

Eph 6:13
13 Therefore take up the whole armor of God, that you may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand firm.(ESV)

It is our duty to do everything to stand firm for the day of adversity.  Don't take too much pride in overcoming one challenge and use it as a means to neglect the days ahead. As a solider in Christ it is our duty to always be on guard, make use of the Holy spirit, know the place of prayer, understand the place of the word and stay steadfast. 

Isa 62:6
6 On your walls, O Jerusalem,
I have set watchmen;
all the day and all the night
they shall never be silent.
You who put the Lord in remembrance,
take no rest,

Likewise , as Christians we all stand as watchmen of our lives. Taking a look at Isaiah, we see the watchmen being spoken about are on walls. To be on a wall, is to be at a risky edge that needs constant watch and stability. Which means with our lives, we can't attempt to fall asleep or take a break from watching. It is our duty to always be on guard, as seen in the verse above to be alert day and night.

I pray none of us by our behaviours limit ourself, restrict ourself, or bring about our own fall in Jesus name. If this blessed you, please feel free to check other posts on the blog, and also share to your friends as well. This word won't touch anyone if it doesn't reach out to them, play your path, I did mine.