Thursday, 23 January 2014

21st century Christian

I attempt to think,
I take a sit, and try to gather my thoughts.
I place the question which requires thinking in front of me, in my mind, like it were a notebook.
I ask "what makes me a Christian?"

Is it....
Is it the way I dress?
Is it the way I dance?
Is it the church I attend?
Is it the family I grew up in?
Is it if my parent(s) is/are preachers?

Is it based on the new move of technology?
Based on the groups on facebook I am in?
Or the people I follow on twitter?
Is it the chain messages I forward on whatsapp?
Or the emails I forward?
Is it the accounts I follow on Instagram?
Or what??
There are many options to consider,
Many more questions I could ask,
But really what makes me a Christian?

Is my definition of a christian based on what I make people see?
Is it all about that?
Now I wonder...
My brain ticks  and I go forth, and I ask my Heavenly Father,
"Daddy, what makes me a Christian?"
I scream my heart to Him,
And tell Him how limited I feel by the cage I am surrounded in.

Caged in the box people have confined christianity.
I scream about this new wave of being a Christian,
Christianity caged in chain messages,
Christianity bound by the amens I type,
Christianity restricted too often to the preachers I claim to be my spiritual leaders,
Christianity tied to physical limitations...

Oh how my heart bled,
I told my Heavenly Father how I felt,
And how I wished who I was as a christian, was not based on who the world dictated I be.

So I paused and was still,
I paid attention to His words,
I listened to and digested who He said I was,
I chose to resume my true identity.

An identity not bound by religion, or technology,
But one bound in Christ, in who He was.
An identity bound by the plans God had for me,
An identity whereby my motives were not bound by guilt,
Or social blackmail, but one bound by the love my Heavenly Father had for me.
So yes, I let go of the norms of this world,
I let go of the chains I was bound by,
And I chose to simply jolly in my relationship with my Heavenly Father,
Holding dearly to His revelation of my identity IN HIM.

Note: So as it appears, the 21st century binds us to its chains and its rules. We often, or rather I had often wondered who or what defined who I was, and I realized I was gradually, consciously or unconsciously getting bound by societal norms. However, as I begin to discover who I truly am in our heavenly Father, I am with His divine help deciding to retrace my steps in His identity before society becomes my  idol. 
It is important we discover who we are in our relationship with God and it should be the most determining factor by which we live.

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