Monday, 13 January 2014


If you ask me who I am,
If you ask me what I do,
If you ask me what I want,
If you ask me about the future,
If you ask me any questions at all,
I'll simply sit and stare...

Simply sit and stare,
For I know not what I am to know.

I know not...                                          
What I do,
What I want,
Where I stand,
Where I am going,
Or how far I will reach.
I'll say, "they are just realities of the future I know not about".

But then,
If you ask me what I'll do,
If you ask me how I'll live,
If you ask me how I'll cope,
How I'll not worry,
I'll tell you the one thing I have hope in,
I'll tell you the one thing I am relying on.
I'll tell you I have confidence in knowing what I do not know.

Strange, yet true.

I'll tell you I have confidence,
Confidence in my Maker,
Confidence in the Creator,
Confidence in He who knows all things,
Confidence in He who has all the answers.

So here I am,
Clueless of who I am,
But yet fully knowledgeable of who I am in Him.
I may seem lost,
I may seem stupid,
But I know in His plans, He will cover my lack of knowledge.
So here I am knowing, yet not knowing.

Note: So here it is, 2014 all spanned out ahead of us. A huge number of revolutions for some, a few for others, singles for some and yet none for others. For me, 2014 is spanned out in what God has planned, what He says, and how He wants it. I have tried to plan my year on previous years, and like He is, He always tends to do His will. So this year and henceforth, I choose to be a scapegoat or rather a beneficiary to everything He chooses for me. So what I leave with you, is to wish you a year manned by God. A splendid year to all.