Friday, 5 September 2014


Surrender they scream,
Surrender they shout…

Surrender to God,
And let go of your will.

They sing it,
They mime it,
They preach it in church.

They write it in stories:
And all classes of books.

Its noted in the bible,
If possible in CAP-LOCKS I’ll say,
When it comes to the reality of things…

To surrender,
A task seemly easy,
Yet hard to do
I tried and tried,
Yet so many times I failed.

Easier said than done I’ll say.
I said I had done it,
Let go of my thoughts,
My will,
My opinions,
Surrendered all to God…

But when it came to the reality of obeying,
 I realised I was wrong.
The pride stepped in,
 And then arguments followed.

A question here, a question there…
“Don’t you respect my opinion Lord”?
“Oh Lord, I doubt this is what you want for me”
On and on, I’ll drag it with him.
A plea here, and another there.
“Dear Lord please lets do it my way, this once” I’ll say.

Like He is, He’ll watch and smile.
“Child I know what’s best for you”
Stubborn as I am, off with my will I go.
Till hurt and pain, gets a grip of me.
And like the prodigal son, I’ll learn my lesson.
Drag my feet, and back to His ways,
His will, so perfect, yet so strange.
And then I’ll learn my lesson all afresh.

To surrender,
A task difficult, yet beneficial.
To learn from the master, and accept His will.
To know His ways are perfect, and meant for our good.

To surrender,
I task I almost despise, but yet I have come to understand.
That as for God, so gracious is He,
And to surrender to Him, a blessing so great.
So off I go, on my surrender journey…
Trusting my Father every step of the way.

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