Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Don't Wait Till I Die...

Hi there,
its me again,
that girl, that likes to say her mind.
Today I come with a new approach, a plea more or less
In case y'all haven't seen, most of the world is dying.
Young, old, classy, poor, pretty, ugly or whatever classification you give.
People are dying left, right, center.
Bombs, shootings, earthquakes and everything else
Souls perishing every single minute or should I rather say every second.
So I took my time to think, what if I am next? 

What if I die in the next split second ?
Or wait a minute, what if it's you ?
What if it's your neighbour or someone you knew ? Ever thought about it ?
If it happens that I should die next, then I need a favour from you.
I need you to help me be better.
I need you to tell me the things you've  needed to tell me.
Don't wait till I die...
I need you to tell me,
If I have a nasty behaviour that needs to be worked on...
Not tell it behind my back, and out of my hearing,
Or better still, pray about it now rather than talk.
And to you, I need to tell you about the greatest love ever.
I need to tell you Jesus loves you, and that His love for you is so massive.
I need to tell you...
He came to this world for you,
To die for your sins, and for the salvation of your soul, mine too.
I need to tell you...
God's love for you exceeds anything you've ever thought of, and that indeed His thoughts for you are of good.
Yes, they are.
Even in all the world's challenges and the many deaths, it doesn't stop His love
All these things are simply showing: yes, there is God...
And yes, there is a devil(who seeks to destroy)...
So while the world is going on...
While troubles, challenges and mishap are surrounding the world...
I want you to know that God's love is ever present to comfort you.
Yes, I can pray for you, but I need you to understand God's love for you, now that you are alive.
I don't want you to die and feel guilty I never told you this.
So please before anything happens to you too, let God's love be made manifest in you.
I don't want to say "rest in peace" without assurance that you soul truly will.
So please before you die, accept God's love for you.
Before you die, I need you to know this.
So tag along on this journey,
Let's tell the world...
The people we love, what they need to know now.
Let's not wait, and say it behind their backs, or in our minds.
Let's become active and doing.
Most importantly lets tell the world about God's love.
Dear world,
God loves you so much and He sent His son, Jesus to die for you. Accept his love today, and spread the word.

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  1. Awesome piece. Well written and delivered. And I'll tell you that you dont have a nasty behavior, you're pretty cool