Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Like a pot, I am easily broken, but then He keeps molding me…..

Many times in my life, I like to feel in control…
Like the world is free, and I can glide with the wind…
It works out pretty well for me, giving me the liberty to leave the worries and pain behind…
But then we can’t always help the fact that sometimes we are broken…

I read a poem by one of my dear friends and couldn’t help but feel broken, and then have the sense of open surrender.
The piece captures it all, my feelings, emotions and what I rely solely on, be blessed as you read…
Daughter of Zion

Yeah! Yes it’s me again
Standing alone outside the rain
No one but you LORD sees my pain
As I can’t get my past outta my brain
I know I may sound like I am insane
But I feel like my whole life has been in vain

I have now made a choice
To listen to you your voice
Even through the hurt and through the noise
It’s with you I will take this poise

As it seems, today is my day
I have come out of the sinking clay
Thanks to you LORD I have found my way
But please stick to me, oh LORD I pray
Cos it’s only on you my worries and burdens I lay
So that I can step out of the box and play

Now it’s in you alone I trust
I love following you, it’s now a must
I promise to help to lift people like me out the dust
Show them the way out of their wrong passions and lusts
Thank you LORD cos it’s in you I see, all that I am supposed to be…
And now I know who I am, I am a daughter of Zion! –
Victory Odunjo

N to end it all, he molds me back into place, n makes me whole again... 

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