Thursday, 21 June 2012

Sleepy Student

Have you ever being in one of those situations where you have an appointment to go over some work with a friend or junior?
Perhaps you have …
In one of those situations,
As it ever happened that the particular student at that point is tired and sleepy but keeps begging or saying “Don’t worry I would concentrate, just go ahead”?
Perhaps they have…
Well over the last few weeks I have been taking my little siblings though their school work with as much enthusiasm as possible. I get pretty excited teaching any of them when they are all hyper, and willing to learn. 
 Well while teaching the little one yesterday she didn’t have as much vigor to learn as normal, with the claim of “I am tired”.  But irrespective of the tiredness she still wanted me to teach her. 
 I went on teaching, trying my very best to get her as engaged and involved as possible with pretty much no luck. I explained the same things over and over with “do you understand?” and many “yes’s” which proved to be no’s.

Along the line of the “lecture” I just got fed up with explaining over and over, and with time frustration started setting in, thus making me loose the vim (desire) to teach.
Well this and the anger of not being able to do what I was enjoying got me thinking, n ma thoughts went thus…
The Holy Spirit pretty much does the same thing for us ryt, being present at our every appointment with him, and trying his very best to explain and give us insight to the word of God.
But then we Christians just do what brings His spirit down…
Imagine going into is presence to communicate and learn when we are sleepy, and seriously expecting to understand and get inspired with what the Holy spirit has for us.
Imagine the frustration He gets on His face, meeting with you maybe 5 times in a week with you sleepy and practically unproductive and He patiently trying to teach you.
I aint claiming to be righteous as at this point, but getting a first-hand experience made me understand and look at things from His point of view.
But mehn He really is a generous guy….
Interceding for us in prayer after being terrible students, how many teachers will do that?
I drive at one basic thing, for us to try not to go into the presence of God, wanting to learn with an unproductive brain…

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  1. mercy Lord!!!! most Christians are annoying students in fact I am not an exception at all.But now that I know oh Lord be patient to me according to your abundant Patience.I cant just imagine how you feel when we do not pay attention to You.Annoying paa.