Friday, 13 July 2012

Somebody Help!!!

Some years ago, when I was about 8 or 9 can’t quite remember the exact age, my family and I took a trip to Lagos from Ibadan. I was pretty excited about the trip, firstly because we were going to Lagos and secondly because we were going to see a family friend I hadn’t seen in a while. My excitement reached hyper level on getting to the exact location because the house I happened to be staring at was huge and I mean huge compared to what I was used too. It rather looked like one of the ones seen only in movies to me. Well we drove in, said the pleasantries, bla bla bla and we finally all found ourselves upstairs, with the adults discussing. 

Well, little me decided to get adventurous and go exploring this big house, after all I dint know when next I was going to get such an opportunity. Off I went like little red riding hood and somehow found my way downstairs. Room by room I went, checking out the house until I found myself in this huge n cute looking bathroom. Hmmmm, this definitely looked different, so in I went and found a way to lock myself up in there. 

The idea of being locked up wasn’t a big deal, and would have been just fine if the lock was the conventional one used back in the days. But no, this also new n different n seemed cool to play with. At first, when I tried to unlock it, I felt calm with myself, that all was well and the door would unlock easily, 10 minutes going nothing seemed to be happening and then I began to panic, my heart was racing as fast as it could. 

Ohhh my God, I was defiantly in for it, everyone was upstairs and the distance of this bathroom from where they were, wasn’t a funny issue, so I did all dat was in ma capability to do n began to shout out “daddy, daddy” with a shaky voice hoping he would hear. When I realized this wasn’t getting me out, my 8 or 9 yr old bravery began to fail me and with tears in my eyes and the shakiest voice which I doubt would have been better than the first  shouted “daaaaaaddddddi, muuuummy, heeeeelp”. By now the tears were flowing freely and involuntarily. I began thinking or rather compiling as much information as my brain could program, thinking “would they leave me, and forget me in Lagos?” and a lot of other random thoughts.

Somewhere along all this, someone upstairs realized a lil child was missing and they started searching for me and heard my little squeaky voice from the bathroom and got me out. The feeling of relief I felt then was just overwhelming, more or less like “finally, out of jail”. 

I'm sure somebody is wondering, ok so what are you trying to get at? Well, the scenario is pretty much the same with real life instances.  There are certain times in our lives, where we get into certain situations or incidents whereby we try our very best to get out of it by our own will and power. But, it isn’t until we cry out to God, no matter how low or squeaky our voices are; before He comes up or sends someone to rescues n bring us out of the situation.

Call on God in every situation, cos he is always waiting to either pull you out himself, or send a helping hand…. :)

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