Saturday, 24 August 2013


Now I think of it, my life will probably change tomorrow.
Tomorrow, a day that seems normal, but yet is new.
Tomorrow, when I arise and see new things,
Tomorrow, when new challenges will come,
new solutions, new joy and yet new sadness.
Tomorrow, a day I crave for today,
yet seem scared to venture into.
Tomorrow is the future of yesterday,
The future I so dearly want,
but yet when its at my finger tip, I step back.
Tomorrow, my head seems to twirl around.
Tomorrow, oh tomorrow.

Today, so now I sit in today,
and wonder why I chased so much after tomorrow.
My tomorrow has come knocking,
and yet I seem clueless.
I'll miss today,
but dear God please help me in tomorrow.

I seek your strength Lord, for without it I truly am lost.
Father be the today of my tomorrow.

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