Wednesday, 21 August 2013

My Outburst

Each time life threw me a challenge, God gave me grace to scale through.
But there was a point I simply did not understand why the challenges had to stay.
I had faith, I breathed hope, but yet they stayed.
There were times I simply stared in oblivion and let my tears envelop me.
Times I hid my face because I did not believe I could go through it.
It got to a point I was simply fed up.
I ranted.
I cried.
I was disappointed.
And all I wanted to do, was know why.
I waited for an explanation.
I lost my patience.
I wanted to trust God.
But it seemed my faith was shaking.
Yes, that was how I felt... Defeated.
I almost could not believe myself.
I, defeated?
I took in many deep breaths, and did what I should have done.
I cleared my space.
I got on my knees, and I cried to my Father.
I told Him the pain.
I told Him how I hurt.
I know He knew, but telling Him again just gave me relief.
Yes I am a Christian.
And I am not always right or at my best.
I was shaken, I was tried, but even though I knew, I had to work in the fact that God had my back.
I am not done with challenges.
I know more are on the way, but next time, I'll get on my knees before the tears get to me.
I am learning, and I will overcome through it all.

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  1. This couldn't have been written better.. We surely shall overcome.